Saturday, 28 June 2014
Yesterday I went to the 'Summer Repair Clinic' held locally to us by the company 'Complete Departure'
Recently I bought a few Victorian Centrepieces at auction -

Victorian Centrepiece with Epergne and Deer (undamaged)

One of them was broken, so the Summer Repair Clinic was a fab opportunity to get it repaired and learn a thing or two in the process.

Complete Departure created the Summer Repair Clinic as an experimental project that aims to share their facilities and knowledge with people in order to help them do the things they would otherwise be unable to do.

Book a two hour session and have an opportunity to work with plastic, metal, wood, leather and ceramic, with the guidance from an expert. You choose how much input you'd like to have in the repair process.
At the end of the session you donate what you think the repair and your learning experience are worth.
(the charity send tools to third world countries)

Deer with Missing Antler

Antler being Cast
I brought along my centrepiece which has three recumbent deer chained around a silver central column.
The column was bent and the Epergne (glass flute to hold flowers) also had missing glass from its base, causing it to be very unstable. One of the deer's antlers was missing.

In the above pics you can see the antler cast being made.

to be continued….


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