Saturday, 4 May 2013

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Bonzo - Studdy Dogs Portfolio

Today I bought 51 Original Litho Prints Taken Directly from 'The Studdy Dogs' Books.

The Sketch published the first Studdy Dogs Portfolio in 1922 using images taken from the weekly issues of Bonzo in the Sketch Magazine. Over the next 3 years The Second Studdy Dogs Portfolio, The Bonzo Book (being the Third Studdy Dogs portfolio), Bonzo's Star Turns (being the Fourth Studdy Dogs Portfolio) the Fifth and Sixth Studdy Dogs Portfolios were all issued. Each set contained 15 prints except for the fifth and sixth which had just 8 and each portfolio had a specially drawn cover image. Recently a seventh portfolio has been found which also contains 8 prints. After Portfolio 4 there were apparently no announcements in The Sketch that a new set of prints was being issued so that until recently it was believed that there were just 6 portfolio's; could there be an eighth somewhere??

George Studdy was a prolific illustrator and contributed to dozens of magazines over the years. By far his biggest recognised contribution was to The Sketch magazine which was, ultimately, the source of Bonzo's name. The earliest recorded entry in The Sketch was 1906 with fairly regular contributions lasting for over 30 years.


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